Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Stream Tonight!


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this game, and now it’s finally here. Assuming my shipment makes it here on time, I will be streaming tonight for at least two hours some Final Fantasy Type-0. My goal is to play through this as consecutively as possible, with little to no breaks in days to ensure a full and comprehensive playthrough.

Once that is finished, I will be moving directly into the Final Fantasy XV demo. All can be found on my channel (the Strats bot will tweet out when I go live) and all will be pushed to my YouTube when it’s done. :slight_smile: Hope to see you all there!


Good luck Peter! Hope Type-0 is awesome. I’ll try my best to stop by and give you a good Kappa.


Insane turn out Peter. When I was in your chat you had about 70 people! I guess everyone is curious about Type-0!


I couldn’t believe it. At the peak, I saw about 79 viewers, and I was averaging about 40-50 the entire stream. I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe it. That was hands down my best stream to date, and by far one of the most successful ones. No technical difficulties or anything. I was floored, for sure.


Very good, That was streaming from the actual PS4 right? Glad to know it went so dang well. Hopefully that group stays with you through the entire game!


I hope so, too. Congratulations, Peter (@peterthomas6!)


@Nubhugs Yes! Normally the PS4 likes to drop out every now again for reasons, but it held out for two and a half hours of streaming. I know I can’t expect that every time, but man was it nice. I hope they do too.

Thank you both! It really means a lot. @simplyundrea


:sadgumball: I’m getting all emotional over here guys. I think we need a group hug. Bring it in you two


I always have time for those! -HUGS!-