Final Fantasy Type-0 Mini-Review



I finished off Final Fantasy Type-0 HD last night, and wanted to give you guys my final impressions of the game in case you were still interested in picking it up.


It is always a scary thing to pick up a spinoff title that's been branded with a major franchise name, but Type-0 does a good job filling up the shoes of it's beloved cousin. There are essentially three game modes you play throughout the game that offer a good way to spice things up, and while you don't get to play them all in equal abundance, it is one of those moments where you wonder if too much of it would have been a bad thing, so it was quite alright to let it go.

The game feels very much like a Final Fantasy game, with typical equipment and grinding feelings all brought in through the games 25 hour story (which could easily be amplified three fold had I taken the time to do everything in the game). The storyline is incredibly deep and earned its “Mature” rating all its own. There was plenty to do as well, from side missions, to chocobo breeding, to just exploring the continent all its own.

My two biggest gripes with the game were the lack of clarity with equipment, and the voiceovers done for the characters. The equipment was incredibly vague, and had no way of telling you if what you were buying was going to be better or worse than what you were already wearing. The voiceovers were so awful that it was hard to find any characters endearing at all. By the end of the game, only a few were tolerable, and I wanted to strangle the guy who did Nine’s voice. Ugh.


A lot of people complained about the graphics still being shoddy, but I didn't find them half bad. Sure it wasn't PS4 built from the ground up quality, but you could also see how the game was assisted in the upscaling to a console from a portable. In games like this, I never expect anything outstanding, and I wasn't disappointed either. Just because it's got an HD tag on it, doesn't mean it's flawless.

There were also gripes about the cutscenes not being full (giving you a black screen between transitions) or the mouths moving in the same motion over and over when talking, but does that honestly take away from game experience? Cause it didn’t take from mine. What hurt the game most was adding camera blur when you moved the camera around. It made it hard to really explore your surroundings while moving.


The music is spot on as with any FF game. You'll notice an entirely new soundtrack, spotted with some old favorites (one song really made me feel good as I was playing), but nothing to complain about here. What I will say is that I could have done without the horrible, horrible alarm they had playing on Mission day. Gosh that was absolutely wretched.


The game actually controls and plays really well. I'm still really thrown off by the touch pad being an actual button (and utilized in games) but I think that's more user error than design error. The characters all move fluidly, and each button mapping makes sense and feels comfortable in your hands. The targeting system they use to grab enemies can also be switched from holding to lock if you prefer it, so that you can focus on other things. Good job, Square Enix.


The game actually keeps a tally on how many times you've completed it, so it is, in fact, meant for multiple playthroughs. I recommend beating the game the first time on the normal (Officer) difficulty before you do anything fancy, since the hard mode is meant to exist after you've beaten the game once. It bumps all of the creature levels up by 30. There are many things you won't get to in the slightly limited timeframe you have, and there are even more things you won't get to because of how low of a level you are.

There are plenty of collectible things to grab, but nothing that is documented that I’ve seen. I think the only thing that is actually written down is the information that comes from side quests, so be sure to do that as much as you’re able to stomach the MMO feeling side quests. There’s also the “maxing out your characters bit,” but I know that’s not for everyone.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is far from perfect, but it was a lot better than I was expecting from a spinoff game. The gripes I had were likely specific to me, but I don't know that anyone will play through this game and not find at least one or two things to pick apart. That being said, however, it's still very much worth a play if you are a fan of the series, or enjoy this style of game. I'm still quote happy I picked it up.

Full playlist is over on my YouTube if you missed out on any parts of it, or just want to see it in its entirety:

Please pardon Part 1; it had a copyrighted song in the beginning of the game, so YT thought it would be best to mute the whole video.

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