Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn



Really didn’t see a category for this MMO or another topic, so I figure I would start one. :smile:

For everyone not in the know, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an MMORPG released by Square Enix. Actually this game as been redone as the original FFXIV flopped when it was first launched years ago. It is a cross platform game across PC/PS3/PS4 with players from all of these platforms playing together on the same servers.

I am curious to find fellow players within the Strats community that share the same love for this game like I do. And if not, if there would be anyone willing to give it a try or maybe play with me and possibly stream with me. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow (2/24), patch 2.51 goes live on the servers, which introduces the Manderville Gold Saucer. Sometime either late spring or early summer, the first expansion for this game Heavensward comes out.

If anyone is playing, what is your character name and what server are you on?


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game.


Oh wow, they are already releasing the Gold Saucer? I remember that being just a pipe dream a year ago. I had every intent on playing ARR when it launched but college got in the way. I hear this is a great MMO though! Didn’t they just release a new class? The thief/ninja?


Thief is a few months old now.

I resubbed back at Christmas to make my kid happy when he was inconsolable one night. The chicken (chocobo) was the only thing to make him happy. I remember collecting my thief class but I don’t think I got past level 5. I only played a couple days during that month.

As I’ve said in a couple threads here, I really do like this game. Final Fantasy (anything Square) was a favorite of mine growing up. In Final Fantasy 2, I actually took the time to level my final party to 99.

FF14 has some great mechanics, like how you only need one character to do everything. I also like that you get an XP bonus based on the difference between your current level and the highest level of your jobs. So when trying to level a new job you fly thru the lower levels.

My character name is Dekaf Kawfee and he’s on Cactuar. I’ll consider resubbing. I know the expansion is due soon.


@Vocino, never ever ever? Wow. :open_mouth: IMO, some of the best RPG’s of all time are Final Fantasy games. Especially from the SNES era. I’m an old school lady, so my favorites from the series are IV and VI, eventhough my first one was I on the NES when I was 5. :smile:

@Nubhugs, YUP! Pretty exciting stuff. I fully plan on streaming the Gold Saucer stuff along with other things this week, barring real life obligations. I’m actually holding an event for my Free Company (guild) this friday where we are gonna go in there as a group and have fun. :smile:

Also Rogue (thief) and Ninja were introduced into the game in Patch 2.4. You can’t start a new character right away as a Rogue, but once you get high enough level in one of the other starting classes, then you can head to the Rogue’s guild in Limsa Lominsa and unlock it. At the beginning of 2.4, I made a lot of gil selling dexterity accessories because I knew the ROG/NIN grind was gonna be huge. Just about everyone was out there grinding out levels.


Well, I’ve tried a couple times but I could never get into them. Maybe I just picked the wrong ones. In general though, I don’t usually enjoy the play styles of the APAC RPGs.


I hear ya. Sometimes its not for everyone. I’ve always been a sucker for games with good stories and care less about graphics. My husband tried to get me to play a couple new FF titles, but I either didn’t care for them after an hour, or I sat there and watched him play. I don’t personally care for games that are like “interactive movies”. Sure the graphics are nice, but I feel story is lacking, and I like being able to have a good story and sit there and grind my characters out to max if I can. :stuck_out_tongue:


SNES Squaresoft RPG’s were the best. Don’t let anyone tell you that the PS era RPG’s were. Don’t get me wrong, Final Fantasy 9 was a lot of fun and to some degree 8. But 7 is not the golden game as people claim it is.

You are insane…


I always loved the Final Fantasy series but never got into the MMO games sadly, I always wanted to try one, but every time I completely forgot about them and by the time I remembered the game was dead :frowning:

I need to look into how much it costs and I might give it a try. Although with the Witcher 3 and GTA 5 coming soon it’s hard to dedicate time to another MMO. I feel like whenever I play MMOs I lose valuable time playing all the other games I like. I have a love hate relationship with them.

How is the new FF stuff though? My interest in the game kind of died off after FF-X because I felt like they tried to make most of the characters “too human” and I kind of felt like they were losing their creativity. Could be just me though. I mean who didn’t love Quina? :stuck_out_tongue: and God the hours of my life playing Blitzball…ugh good times.

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Even on the FF14 forums there is much praise for 7. I wasn’t overly impressed with it either. Maybe it’s a generational thing where new Playstation gamers were exposed to the genre for the first time and found themselves overwhelmed.

Junior high was a lonely time. And Rosa was hot.


The game is currently 20 bucks on Steam and I think 12/month if you only have one character.


Nubhugs, I fully agree with you. Some of the best RPG’s are on the SNES. And I’ve always thought VI was the far superior game to VII.


Pretty sure that has a lot to do with it. I remember seeing FF7 for the first time and I was like “4 discs?!”

Not to mention I’m pretty sure at the time it probably had the best storytelling aspects and game length, little side quests, getting things like the golden chocobo, finally killing Ruby weapon(after about 300 tries), etc. It was just a massive game back in the day and I think it’s super popular with people like me because it was a childhood staple.


And I’m definitely one of those people! -raises hand- I adore FF7 for that reason alone. (Don’t worry, I’m not one of those FF heads that claim “FF7 is THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!!111” But it was one of the first RPG’s of it’s kind that I ever played on my Playstation. The game + it’s OST definitely holds a special place in my heart.

EDIT: Ya’ll make me want to pick this up + stream it! There’s a demo/trial thingy up for ‘A Realm Reborn’ in the PS store. I might check it out!


It’s dem nostalgia goggles. For most people FF7 was their first FF, RPG, and/or JRPG. So it is hailed as perfect for the same reason why a lot of people consider Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time the best Zelda game. I ain’t afraid to say that it’s not the best game ever.

Like @ThatDoomThough said, these games are staples though in gaming. Such as Mario, Half Life and other rites of passage games.

Sadly though, the spotlight for JRPG games have changed :confused: Not as well received in America anymore.


Your list of games to finish is growing fast!


There is a trial (available on Steam also) for 14 days and you can play all the classes up to 20, I believe. This will allow you to play thru the first three dungeons.


@invaderdoom it is downloadable on steam for 19.99 with the digital CE being 39.99. PS3 and PS4 copies of the game might be different, so you will have to check online for those.

Since it also is a subscription based MMO, there are a couple different payment options. Legacy players (those who played when 1.0 was out) pay like 9.99 a month. For everyone else, there 2 other options. 1.) 8 max characters (limit 1 per realm) for 12.99 a month and 2.) 40 max characters (limit 8 per realm) for 14.99 a month. There is also a recruit a friend thing where if someone currently playing emails a code to someone looking into the game, they both get rewards based on how long the new person who joined pays for subscription.


@simplyundrea, girlie! You see me posting screenshots and everything on Facebook all the time for this game, hun! You know i’m always trying to recruit a friend. :wink:


[quote=“Vocino, post:16, topic:4975”]
Your list of games to finish is growing fast!

It really is! Ya’ll aren’t helping, either. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@simplyundrea, girlie! You see me posting screenshots and everything on Facebook all the time for this game, hun! You know i’m always trying to recruit a friend. :wink:

Exactly, Heathers! You’re the main reason I’d consider playing it! :wink:

Thanks, @teh_ninjaneer! I’ll keep an eye out. -eyes PS4- It’s calling me …