Final Fantasy XIV



Starting to get into Final Fantasy 14 and with the new expansion coming out soon I was hoping to get some people to join me in adventuring. I am not a high level as I just made the character but I am on the cactuar world atm and willing to switch with my level being so low.


You know, I’ve looked at this game several times, and considered playing it.
People say it’s one of the best MMOs ever made.

But I just can’t come to terms with that art style.


ahh. I dont really play it for the art style or anything I have many games with completely different looks to them. I really am enjoying the job system they have as well as the story


im in ultros


Picked it up a few months back. I have to say it’s got one of the hands down best in-game communities I’ve ran across, it took me until end game to get grouped with any trolls. On top of that I have to say many of the in game features are quite nice. My biggest gripe is the monthly fee (I can honestly say it’s worth it with this game though), and how square isn’t a fan of addons (but in a way it makes it better since people can’t “legally” have dps counters, and thus removes the toxic “my dps is better” banter). Currently playing on Cactuar with Laoria and another friend. Shoot me message if you want some more info on the game.


The monthly sub is actually one of the great things about it. As long as you only have 1 character on each server, you only have to pay 12 bucks I think. And if you happen to own both PC and PS4 versions then 1 sub will let you play on both.

I assume the rule about addons is due to the game being cross-play with PS4. I’m also ok with this since I don’t use addons in any game.

Cactuar is also my server since the game launched. Unfortunately I never completed the ARR story quests. I think I’m on patch 2.4 content. Never even bought Heavensward.

One last thing to mention: If you never bought Heavensward, then just buying Stormblood gets you access to both xpacs.


Say one were to start playing today…how long would the first game take to complete?

I keep seeing this and keep wanting to jump in, but deep down i know I’ll abandon it.


I honestly have no idea how to gauge that. You have the option to buy an item which will instantly complete all the story quests for you so you can advance, but you would be missing out on a lot of great story in the game. Hundreds of quests.

However, if you try to complete all the story quests then you will run into some possible roadblocks. Each dungeon in the game is unlocked during the story and you have to complete them to advance to the next quest. You will also run into some events which require a group of 8 people to complete. You have a group finder for all of these which will build the proper group, but depending in your role (DPS of course) there is the possibility of waiting hours. And I would wager that the amount of people doing old content is very low since the new xpac just released.

Some of these reasons are why I do not play the game anymore. Originally I completed the main story at launch then quit playing. I tried coming back a few months ago and before I could even begin the Heavensward story I had to complete all the story quests that were added in patches 2.1 through 2.5. That was over 100 quests itself.

I did not complete them.

And I really don’t want to buy the advancement item because I want to see the story.

First world gamer problems.


@teh_ninjaneer shoot. Well thanks sir. Guess I’ll hold out for Destiny 2 to get my fix, lol.