Final Thoughts: Twitch Con Speculation/Discussion


Edit: I ended up reading the whole blog…I didn’t know there was more. I was pretty much wrong on a lot of things: Feel free to keep reading though.

Not much has been revealed about whats planned for the con, but it’s expected that most of the attendees will be vierwers. The con is bound to get better for the 2nd. Networking will expand. Not just streamers will network with each other, but streamers to retailers/developers are bound to network as well.

I see a lot of people going just because it’s the FIRST ever Twitch Con. Knowing this, it’s very possible that more viewers end up attending than actual streamers (I could be wrong.)

We can speculate all day about what’s planned (at this point of time, not much has been revealed and it’s still pretty early,) but it’s pretty obvious that after the first con, it’s bound to perform better in it’s next iteration.

While reading the press release I came across this line (it’s actually in the first paragraph) “a call for additional content…” leading me to believe that not too much has been planned right now. As I stated previously, this kind of issue is bound to change (and we still got 5 months.) It makes you wonder though, who are Twitch calling upon for additional content? ONE of the obvious answers: the community.

Once they get the community involved, then people will want to participate. and once again, you’re going to have an influx of attendees being more viewers. Not saying that this is a bad thing, but it’s kind of expected.

Networking is going to be big for sure, and it’s going to expand even more if this is successful. I see, not just other streamers networking, but other developers and brands networking WITH streamers. It’s crazy to think about, but it’s very possible. It’s all business.

Yes, I know it’s still too early to assume anything. I would just like to see this Con successful. I have my own aspirations to stream and create content, but right now isn’t my time. I would want this con to still be around in the future so that when I do start producing, I can attend and indulge in all the benefits.