Finally all hooked up!


So I finally got it guys, I got an Elgato HD60 for xmas. It was a pain in the butt, however I finally managed to fun the PC and PS4 audio simultaneously. So I’m all good to go, and will probably stream from the ps4 from now on! If anyone needs help getting PC and Console audio hooked up in sync so you can stream/record while hearing everything in real time, let me know and I will be glad to explain how I did it!




Lol, I stumbled on the option to send audio to PC vs just capture. Its way off by almost two seconds, how’d you get pas that? Also does it all appear synced when live?


I hate when I can’t “fun the PC and PS4 audio simultaneously”


Champion status!


I’m actually curious on what you did to accomplish your champion status - walk me through your setup!


@epyon415 and @lyteforce I had to purchase a 5 channel mixer(Found Here) and I bought 2 1/8th inch to dual 1/4 inch converters for the mixer(Found Here). You need a TV with a headphone plug, and then you plug in your tv headphones and your computer speakers to the mixer and adjust your levels. I was actually thinking about making a tutorial video for it. It’s a little bit of a pain, and kind of expensive, but worth it, since I’m playing the witcher 3 and talking to some friends on TeamSpeak at the same time right now :smile:


that is a lot. Would love to see a video. More i can learn about setups the better :smile: