Finally finished

So after about 170 hours, I finally did it!! (I also did 2 run throughs of the full game) Loved every minute of it, but think it’s going to the back burner for a while haha.


Oh my god. I have to do it. So jealous.

Definitely man, I will say the story makes for great streaming, but all the leftover achievements are a bit of a grind and not very entertaining haha. Actually I would suggest getting all the achievements done, before you start the last quest.

Oh my, I don’t even want to know what was required for this to happen. Congrats, though!

Haha thanks man.

Oh, wow! You rock.

I’m definitely saving all of the side quests for offline gameplay cause some missions aren’t really exciting.

Congrats! :smile:

The hard part is to get the Platinum trophy you have to complete the main story on NIGHTMARE. :japanese_ogre:

Yikes! You do? :open_mouth: I had no idea. Wow. That’s like, doubly awesome, then!

Haha yeah that’s why I played 2 run throughs. My first one was on Normal and 2nd was Nightmare.

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Damn, congrats! That’s a ton of time you dumped into the game haha

Yeah lol, coulda been half that if I had just done nightmare mode first time through

Excellent job Drizz. Way to crush the nightmare mode and finish it out.

Thanks brother! It’s pretty damn satisfying.

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cough I need one more like… cough cough