Finally! My Invite

Only been waiting forever for this beta invite to come…

Quickly I opened it planning my weekend out… Planetside 2 fun times for days…



Hah, I did the exact same thing this morning. “OH HELL YE… wait.”

Why even live

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yup…i was fooled by this too…lol

Same here ugh!!! At least now I know I’m not the only sucker lol

i was fooled when i got mine, and i don’t even have a ps4.

Got me aswell… :frowning:

i feel like StratsCo social media should reach out Planetside 2 and show them just how let down everyone was with this thread :wink:

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If I get a closed beta key on my email I’ll throw it at you guys.

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I got a key just now. :smile: Im going to be playing and would love to have anyone else who got a key to join me.