Finally upgrading to windows 10

Sitting on the patio with the dogs waiting as it downloads and installs…I hope I like it.

It’s all fun and games until @Droul activates Skynet.


Yah, if u see the file skynet.msi DO NOT CLICK IT!

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RIP Droul : 10/12/15
Death By : Windows 10

Here is a list of tips and tricks I found really helpful. There is a bunch of tracking that is activated by default.

I really enjoy Windows 10. It’s pretty nice. I didn’t hate windows 8 though.

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I feel like no one at Google has ever seen terminator, I read a couple months back that they were developing something capable of programming itself. Lol

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They’re not calling it Genisys are they?

They would…

Edit: Found the article. I haven’t re-read it but it sure is interesting. I would also like to recognize that I have completely trolled this thread.

Such spam. Wow.