Find your Nicheling spirit animal

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Dude looks like he’d fuck you up if you called him James XD

Also, seriously…

How is it still only me with the crazy eye?!

Oh… derp.

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I presume that snout is for drinking drinks. Also, holy hell those doe eyes :star_struck:

well @lyteforce 's has a really derpy hand. why are your hands/paws so different? wtf

You’ve got a webbed slappin’ hand yourself, @dontcallmejames

oh yeah, weird…

Actually, upon closer review, I think that’s a thing, because everyone has some sort of oddity to one or both of their front paw/hands.

biggles and dynamible dont :o

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Taylor :3

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I am still the only one with the crazy eye o.O

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I did this for one of my Bffs :3

My other Bff I love it <3 (I did ALOT of my family members too lol)

Did you guys know it makes a HUGE difference if you use a capital letter or not? its weird

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Idk what I expected.


I’ll play.