Fire Emblem Special Edition 3DS XL


This looks so nice with the black buttons on white face. I already have a new xl, otherwise I would want this one too.


argh! Q_Q
I like this one but I think auth wants to wait for pokemon ones xD


At least this one is an xl


I’d think these would be out after the pokemon ones. So @Auth doesn’t need to worry.


I’ll be happy with my Zelda xl and the pokemon regular. Until Z comes out and they make a pokemon new xl. Don’t know what will happen at that point. I may implode.


we canceled the pokemon ones because they werent XL, now we are waiting for some pokemon XLs D:


I really do love the Pokemon one, but maybe I should do the same. Even without the size difference, the 3DS XL has an IPS display vs the TN on the 3DS. You may be on to something @PreshusKitty.

I guess I have a month to decide.


yeah i liked it too but its just a faceplate - you can buy pokemon faceplates for your normal sized new 3ds anytime you want (maybe not those exact ones, but still)