Firefall..good news on the horizon


Like many ppl I get the daily newsletter from and in this 1 was a very promising story about Firefalls upcoming content.

TLDR version is they are introducing story, more content, more everything we wanted from the beginning


I thought your good news was that it would be shutting down. :laughing: I kid.

I don’t think I have played Firefall since launch. I threw cash at them about 2 years before the game went live but got frustrated with all the changes. It’s still installed so maybe I’ll check it out.


I played the crap out of Firefall when it came out. Got bored because there wasn’t anything to it and it’s too repetitive, maybe this will bring me back! Red5 actually sent me a firefall Hoodie and Shirt for streaming their game :smile:


The Firefall devs were always very nice. I played it quite a bit during the beta.

Unfortunately like @ThatDoomThough said, there isn’t much to do.

For those of you that haven’t played it, you basically run out to spots around the world and “thump” nodes. Thumping is like drilling or mining if I remember correctly.

These thumping tools bring about monsters that try to kill you because of the noise or something. Each wave gets harder and you cooperate in an open world Guild Wars 2 type of way to defeat the waves.

At some point you start doing this in pvp zones. Bigger Thumpers bring bigger and badder waves of mobs.

That’s it. That’s the whole game.


That and you got to use cool frames with different class loadouts with great weaponry