First exotic bounty!

And then immediately dropped upon stage two. Must get a 25 KD spread in crucible? Really bungie? Fuck off.

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I got the thorn and badjuju ones and dropped them b/c of the PvP requirements, I kind of regret it now that they are planning on buffing both.

If it was something like “get 50 headshot kills” or whatever, fine. I’ll suck it up. But a 25 kd? Seriously? That’s some hot pocket eatin, best PvPer in the world bullshit

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Yeah try 500 points of void damage as a hunter. Which means heavy or special weapon kills only. Oh and that lose 2 points for every death that’s real helpful!

Congrats WrongGear! I had to do that to get my Invective. Don’t. Do. it. tired. I was breaking at 1 am when I went from 19 back down to 0

I saw it on reddit. It’s not hard. It means you have to have twenty more kills then deaths.

I just hate PvP way too much to even bother. I gave it a couple rounds and kept being matched against premades that were stomping everything so I said “fuck this” and dropped it. Not worth the aggravation. The thing to keep in mind is I’m TERRIBLE at PvP in shooters. I’ve come to accept this. Also everyone saying it doesn’t drop what score you have after the match is wrong. It definitely took points away from my total post match.

Agree I dont like PvP at all. As a titan I can take a beating but still, people always get the crazy kills on me.

Dude, its a SPREAD not a ratio, and it counts assists too. Look around before you drop.
The spread is easy if you’re on a good skirmish or salvage team too :confused:

I actually completed this bounty with relative ease, too. I have the thorn, bad juju, and, this gun, invective. They are not impossible you just need to do safer kill methods like rockets, supers, SUROS Regime, snipers, etc.

Yeah, that sucked, but I have the weapon now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know what a spread is, thanks. And again, I hate PvP. Hate it. Again, in case you missed it: I hate PvP. I have exotic items and I don’t care about shotguns so it wasn’t even remotely worth the aggravation.

fellow titan here. it’s all about the shoulder charge + shotgun brah

Seriously, the number of deaths from shoulder charges is too damn high.