First Official Poster For Star Wars: The Force Awakens




Dat Luke… where is he hiding…


In the credits.


Is the girl Han/Leia’s kid?


Could be which might mean that the masked person is the brother. If i recall the brother becomes a Sith.


No their son becomes Darth Caedus. The masked guys name is Kylo Ren and they already said the new movie is not following the EU.


Yup, which is a shame; I wanted to see Admiral Thrawn et al on the big screen :wink:


George Lucas has anyways said that the movies are the only true canon.


Yeah, but Disney could have done something different if they’d wanted. Also also, that doesn’t make me want to see a SSD come out of Coruscant on the big screen any less :wink:


George Lucas still holds some creative control over the franchise so that’s not likely—at least not for a couple years probably.


Don’t forget! New star wars trailer at half time during the football game tonight!!!


Guys I’m so excited to see this movie too. It looks to be amazing!!


god i love the internet


This Forbes article covers the lack of Luke (as well as Han and Leia) in most of the marketing material.

It’s a good point that Disney is hoping to turn Star Wars into a multi-movie franchise, similar to the Marvel movies. If The Force Awakens is successful, then the main Star Wars movies will be similar to The Avengers, while we could likely see other movies about individual characters.

The Star Wars Trio has been absent from marketing because these new movies need to stand on their own without the help of Luke, Han and Leia. Those guys are established and all the fans want to see them. But we need to be introduced to these new characters who will be continuing the story.

According to all the hype and crashing of movie ticket sites, I guess marketing doesn’t need to overuse the established characters. I guess they are doing something right.


Marketing are probably like… “This shit sells itself”.