First Semi-Annual Pokemon Tournaments



#First Semi-Annual Pokemon Tournament!

Hello everyone! Following this week’s meeting, @Auth and myself wanted to gauge interest in a Strats member friendly Pokemon Tournament. For this, and any others we might do if it’s popular enough, we decided to follow the official rules and exclusions for VG events.

For the purposes of this tournament, any of the main series Gen VI titles can be used. X, Y, AS, OR.

The tournament will run near the end of March in order to give all participants ample time to prepare their team.
##Team Rules

1.1. Battle Box Setup

  • A player’s team must be placed in the Battle Box and remain in the Battle Box unchanged
    from the beginning to the end of the event.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 4 Pokémon.

1.2. Nicknames

  • A player’s team cannot contain two Pokémon with the same nickname.
  • A player’s team cannot contain a Pokémon nicknamed with the name of another
    Pokémon (for example, an Unfezant named “Pidove”).
  • Players must avoid the use of potentially inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise offensive
    words or phrases when naming their Trainer or their Pokémon.

1.3. Items

  • Each Pokémon may hold an item, though no two Pokémon may hold the same item.
  • Players may only use items that have been officially released via Pokémon X, Pokémon Y,
    Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, the Pokémon Global Link, or an official
    event or promotion.
  • The item Soul Dew cannot be used

1.4. Pokémon

  • A player’s team cannot contain two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number.
  • Pokémon may only use moves that have been learned through normal gameplay or from
    an official Pokémon event or promotion.
  • Pokémon may have Hidden Abilities
  • Pokémon may Mega Evolve and use Primal Reversion.
  • Pokémon must have the blue pentagon on their summary screen.
  • Pokémon above Level 50 are permitted, but will be auto-leveled down to Level 50 during
  • Pokémon below Level 50 are permitted, but will not be auto-leveled up to Level 50 during
  • Players may use Pokémon from the National Pokédex, from No. 001–720, that are caught
    in the game, transferred from a previous Pokémon title, or received at an official event or
  • The following Pokémon are banned:
    Pokédex #: Species 151: Mew 490: Manaphy 647: Keldeo 251: Celebi 491: Darkrai 648: Meloetta 385: Jirachi 492: Shaymin 649: Genesect 386: Deoxys 493: Arceus 719: Diancie 489: Phione 494: Victini 720: Hoopa
  • Teams may have no more than two of the following Pokémon in the Battle Box:
    Pokédex #: Species 150: Mewtwo 384: Rayquaza 644: Zekrom 249: Lugia 483: Dialga 646: Kyurem 250: Ho-Oh 484: Palkia 716: Xerneas 382: Kyogre 487: Giratina 717: Yveltal 383: Groudon 643: Reshiram 718: Zygarde
    Post below if you are interested in participating.
  1. @senNish
  2. @Auth


would be awesome if someone could stream this


Hmu when you do a tcg tourney… My IV’s are garbage these last gens…


Unfortunately in order to do that you need special capture hardware modded into the 3ds. @Zniri


Might be interested. Any of you have any other tournament experience? Never battled anyone anything official.


No experience in battling from me, but expect at least myself and auth to try and breed some passable high quality pokemons.


The world loves wanabes :wink:


Wish I still had my 3DS. I had some great IVs on some Noivern I bred. bleh.