First Strats Crota HM Kill Anyone?



Myself @ohnokenzilla @James_Eilers @OptimisticMonkey are going for the first Strats Crota HM kill Sunday 6pm EST. Who else would like to fill out our team? @Dynamible? @NevoSamara? @anyone?

I will edit the team as we get interest

Here is the current team

  1. Spredhed
  2. DoNotThrowAway
  3. Ohnokenzilla
  4. OptimisticMonkey

Let’s Do This


I can’t do it Sunday :frowning:
I thought you guys have killed him loads.


Not as a clan but many of us individually yes


I would love to give it a go. I can’t do Sundays though. Any week day works good. But don’t wait up for me, I can get a kill in another time.:wink:


You would have to log in for that my friend :stuck_out_tongue: . And all the good players seem to have quit so pug groups for crota are at the point where I have stopped killing him on hard mode. Thank god handsome Jack is just around the corner.


I wont be able to get on until about 8PM CST. I’m driving back home tomorrow.


Maybe we should try for Monday Night? Would we be able to make a full group let’s say Monday 9pm EST


The Strats meeting is at 9PM. Anyone good for earlier?


830 is the earliest for me since I work until 8


Monday works for me


I’m interrested in this. Dunno when is best for me.


I’ve done it already this week on my main. I’m down for just about any time any week though. My Titan and Hunter alts are both 31 though if you guys think that’s manageable.


I’m down for monday as well


ok let’s try for 830pm EST tonight
This is for PS4 @Vanargand I thought you were Xbone? If not we can take a 31 rocket shooter

  1. @James_Eilers Throw
  2. Spredhed
  3. @OptimisticMonkey Optimistic
  4. @ohnokenzilla Zilla

Still need 2 more definites @Vanargand @NVS_1 @Dynamible @anyone?


Dude we’ve played together a ton lol. I’m down, that’s 7:30 central I think. I’ll bring my titan and do bubble and rocket duty


I might be 10 or 15 minutes late, but I’m definitely down. I need me some raid primaries.


your psn must not be the same?


That is Aigid lol


Well how the hell am I supposed to know that.


No idea. They don’t really match up. I only know from organizing groups.