First Strats Crota HM Kill Anyone?



Lol it’s on my profile, click my name and it shows right up. My bad. Haha


FML, might not be able to make it, running really really late for work. =(


…or they could just let us go and come in at 6AM. I like that better.



where u all at? we got 4 waiting


I was having connection issues. I’m down in FL right now for work and staying in a hotel, the internet blows at night… :frowning:

Its usually fast enough in the afternoons (when I get done at work early enough).


So, when is the next best time for you all? I prefer night-time, after 7pm CST. If I have warning I might be able to manage at other times.


I am plan to do all the nightfalls tonight when I get home around 830pm EST. I can not do tomorrow night as I am hosting a funk music event at (shameless plug there). I could try for Thursday night if there is interest. Not sure when Throw is getting back from FL.


Yay, take me with you for the nightfalls! lol. I got hockey @ 9pm EST, but will be playing before and after.


I’ll be doing nightfalls tonight as well. Thursday can probably work for me for Crota too


Nightfall/Weekly for me tonight as well, and Thursday night sounds grand.


So are we going for round two tonight?