First Wonder Introduction



This looks awesome. The style sort of reminds me of Firefall, which I loved (the style, not the game unfortunately).

When you say “free form islands”, does that mean you can fly around literally anywhere? Is that tough to do because of QA on little strange areas where players can get to?


insert shut up and take my money meme


Sounds like a great concept. Looking forward to more. Following you guys on FB now.


All i want is to see some in-game mechanics and play style. :smile:


We are definitely aiming to have a lot of the same types of mechanics in there, but also updated and fresh for new fans.


Yeah, my “post limit” is up for now and I can finally reply to you all haha. Also, we just started a fan art contest for First Wonder if anyone is interested:


Actually, you’ve moved up a trust rank and shouldn’t run into any more posting limitations :wink:


Excellent! I was actually a bit worried about replying to whatever I saw because of that.


I understand completely; it’s a small, automated system to help keep spammers/trolls at bay. Most people move out of it in a day or two of normal forums use :wink:


First wonder looks really intriguing to me. I am very interested in seeing more!


Thanks for saying so! We should have a big showing during PAX Prime at the end of this month since we are attending that and we are building a demo specifically to show off there.


Awesome! Can’t wait!

Will you all be attending PAX South as well?


Just PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington unfortunately. We haven’t been to any large conventions to show off our games in a long time, so it is going to be an interesting and hopefully excellent experience haha.


Hopefully you all get plenty of attention and some hype built up! Good luck!


Woo, it’s been a while since I’ve touched this thread, but we are now at PAX Prime and we have a trailer (pretty much our first trailer for the game) to celebrate that. The game is also playable there if any of you happen to be going to PAX Prime (booth #4043 in the PAX Rising area).


Dat Conan The Barbarian music; boss, gents :wink:


Haha, Nick Bruty explained where that music came from at some point, but I do believe it is directly related to Giants: Citizen Kabuto’s music either in the theme or with the composer.


It doesn’t even have to relate as far as I’m concerned; that’s one of my favorite soundtracks of all time.


Also, the trailer makes me want to put 4 of those massive rockets on and laugh my way into a bunch of cliffs :wink:


Seems appropriate! We have the rockets set to be kind of disposable in a way. The lighter ones are useful in normal situations, while the large ones are pretty much only good for travelling long distances, especially since they significantly slow down your walking speed as a Cargonaut.


Days I wish I could afford to go to PAX: today

I will only move at two speeds in this game: snail and supersonic :wink: