First Youtube Video (Black Ops 3 Zombies)


Hey Strats Perplexous here. A while ago i decided to start a youtube channel to along with my Twitch channel. Originally it was just gonna be for stream highlights but I’ve decided to make a video explaining the Black ops 3 zombies Shadows Of Evil Easter egg. Its my first video and i would love if any youtubers or youtube viewers would give some feedback on it and let me know how to improve on the next one. Any help would be great. Thanks


Great video and well described/executed. Only gripe is I got lost when you said “train.” More common phrase is “kite” from MMORPGS/RPGS so maybe adopt that so more people know what you mean :smile:


Interesting that you’d not use train. I’d use kiting if I was trying to carry one massively OP mob, while a train would be multiple mobs. Like in old school WoW, I’d kite that Emerald Dragon (or whatever) through Goldshire towards Stormwind, whereas in Duskwood I’d be running from the train of mobs that figured out I was way too squishy.

EDIT: I learned to spell.


I agree with @lyteforce. I usually think of kiting as a longer process when fighting an elite mob or something that will one-shot you—kiting it around in circles and taking pot shots.

Training, for me, has always meant a large group of mobs following behind you.


I would use the term “kite” as well.

In Everquest, you shouted train when you were running to the zone entrance followed by multiple MOBs. This was game etiquette so that everyone in the zone knew what was about to happen at the dungeon entrance. You were generally running for your life and trying to zone out before you died.

I would use kite when fighting anything, single or multiple, such as in the video. Train means I’ve gotten into some trouble and I’m warning others of that trouble.