Flamin Nom: 5 Star Steak House

Premium Steak

That’s right. The Strats server’s first dinning chain is in business. Freshly made with you in mind. Our mission is to provide top quality steak to the members of the Strats server. Do your self a favor and check this out for yourself.

Quality Interior

Stylish waiting room, fit with white leather couch and romantic atmosphere. Inside the resturant you will be blown away.

A quiet dinning experience, perfect for two. :wink:

Freshness Guaranteed

Our cows are top quality free range and grass fed cattle. This ensures that the meat is as healthy and tasteful as can be. Look at this happy family lining up for a group shot before their big day :innocent:

Price of Perfection

Our five star dinning experience comes with little price to you. This is due to our automated serving system, which does the work it’self. We are currently having a grand opening sale! Each steak for a limited time is 1 GOLD NUGGET!

Current Location

Our first location is at the Strats Community Center. Located just off the main pavilion area. Come and join us today.


Love it!
Everyone should eat here. The ambiance is amazing and the service is top notch!

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Is there a bar?

Not yet. Next model will have one.

Then I shall not be there!!!

Man Drizzt, you have just been so full of negativity lately! :open_mouth:

hey someone has to be a negative nelly, and y’know i’m ok with my job :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks awesome @Dynamible. Although I have more pressing needs for gold at the moment…I love the way you laid it out and the ambiance is great!!

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Closed until further notice :cry:

RIP in Greasefire

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