Flamin Nom Bridge



#Flamin Nom Bridge
Nifty bridge leading from the Region Post across 2 rivers to the area Flamin Nom HQ is at; this will also serve to get people into the main landmass and encourage expansion.

##Build Team

##Requested Location and Size
The corner coordinates have already be set as follows:
10466 9812
10466 9792
10538 9812
10538 9792

Stratsopolis Megathread
State of the Server (15 Mar)

I would like to increase the build size on the Strats flag side. It’s just barely to short to put the final stairs down.


Groovy, there’s a bit of play there; let me know what grid coordinates you’d like the corners moved to and I’ll check for conflicts when I get home tonight :wink:


Right then, the bridge actually goes into the zone for the Strats Flag, so I just added you to the build permission list so you can finish it (you’ll need the permissions anyway for our future work ;))


That sounds good. What do you think of the bridge so far?


It’s neat. I think in the future when we’ve got more resources we might want to widen it, but the design is top :wink:


I plan on making the rails one wider.