Flamin Nom Headquarters (build)

#Flamin Nom Headquarters
Every five star steak restaurant needs a headquarter to decorate lavishly and take all their hookers to. This is Flamin Nom’s chance to make a mark on the world and show off the money it’s steak prowess can make. This is where our business meetings, Christmas parties, company conventions, and hooker gatherings happen.

##Build Team

##Requested Location and Size
Basically I need a flat piece of ground to build this momba jomba. As for size? I have no clue :dickbutt:

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You dropped this ) :wink:

dammit @Vocino

Edit 2:
Your corners are:
10411 9792
10411 9846
10465 9846
10465 9792

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lol :vocino: is my savior!

Famin Nom: so little food you’ll starve to death just walking in :wink:


Pretty much. Maybe I’ll actually automate a cow farm or attempt to make one…

I see the joke was lost on you; perhaps a more obvious approach? :wink: