Fly other people's ships in Arena Commander



So I discovered while messing around in free flight mode that you can fly other peoples ships.

I landed my 315p and got out. I was running around doing nothing and a hornet came and landed next to me. The guy got out and was looking at my ship so I though I would see if I could get in his. I hopped in his ship and took off.

My point is, we should get into a Strats free flight arena commander and try each others ships out to see which ones we like.


Fixed the title and added tags.


I’ll be on @ around 5:30 est, want to do some multiplayer free flight and some coop swarm.


I can’t get on until about 9 est. Building a bunk bed for the kids.


Those damn kids.


I wish it were socially acceptable for me to sleep on a bunkbed.


It is, just don’t tell anyone


The trick is to build a loft under the pretense of space-saving; you get the top-bunk experience without looking like a man-child :wink:


Yes pls - also blanket fort!


Not so fun when you have 3 sets of bunk beds and 6 guys in a 10 x 10 shack in the desert for a year.


I thought you were describing your house until I got to the end of the sentence. I was like uhm…