FO4 - Caravans, how do they work?



Has anyone figured out how to send caravans between your settlements yet?

I have the perk that allows me to do it, but I just can’t figure out how.


Google is your friend


To do this, go into Workshop mode and walk up to whomever you have to spare, hit RB or R1 on consoles, the button is displayed on the bottom if your on PC or changed up the control scheme, and a new menu will pop up. This lets you pick what settlement to set the supply route to. You’ll want it to be closeby, most likely the closest other settlement you have. However, you’re goal is to link them all, so forming a circle or chain is the best idea here.


Googled it and did not find that link, just a terrible Reddit thread that didn’t answer any questions.


I’m actually surprised at how often this happens to me too; I’m going to start doing searches with:

on occasion to try and avoid this going forward :wink:


That’s bizarre, it was the first link i got

oh wait if you typed caravan then yeah boned but if you use supply line


Go into construction/build mode. With the perk, if you are facing a settler there will be an option to create a supply line. As Zniri pointed out, you want to eventually connect all of them together so that you wont have to go through the hassle of going back and forth between settlements to collect supplies. You should also build a Scavenger bench in all settlements asap so that they will salvage resources (even rare ones such as Nuclear).