Focused Farming and Maximizing Profit!

So with us having plenty of farm carts and more coming i think its time to focus on what we produce and its distribution for trade raids.

On my two large farms i managed to plant the following:

6 Goose Cages / 28 goose down per cage average
6 Duck Cages /28
= 66 fresh fertilizer (more info on next harvest)
80 Cactus (24 dried flowers per 10 for 5 labor = max output)
= 576 dried flowers
15 Vine = 45 grape

I managed to get enough mats for 14 trade packs. 7 to marianople and 7 to gwenoid.


125-130% return
Four trade runs
20 min average
-6g for certificates
+5% interest
72g reward for trade packs
= 69.6 or 17.4/20 min or 5.8 per pack

(i am not adding the value for: left overs from harvesting OR fresh fertilizer. With the cages above i got 66 fertilizer/14 eco fuel which sell for 1g per. If you are not using the fuel then add 14g to the above.)

These two farms can provide the mats for the Gwenoid to Marianople and from Marianople to Gwenoid trade packs. Total profit to go and come back is in the 12-13 gold region.

I will update tonight with info on the harvest to trade pack ratio. If you have data on any other runs and ratios please post here. I am specifically looking for info on the other trade packs from gweonoid and marianople that contain the apples and cherries.

In short we need these info:

Time per run from crafting station to gold trader.
Maps with shortcuts you use on your trade runs to maximize profit.
Harvest / Trade pack ratio.
Gold expended and received on a 130% return.

More info/data to come as i harvest/trade.


From Gwenoid down to the bottom through the housing area, accross through Liyuit Hills bottom end housing area towards dewstone, past the bridge, spawn cliper and boat down to marianople trader.


Thats propably the best pre-farm cart run path