Foiled by Truth once again

Was working on the 9k xp bounty and just screwing around with Truth near the end of the bounty. Well a random Dreg decided to pop out just in time. All I could do was sigh, shake my head and laugh a little, lol.


Oh no!

I don’t have Truth, but my legendary launchers with that property have done me in a few times as well. I don’t know if ever that close to finishing the 9k XP bounty, but as someone who’s had to restart that one before on the good side of 8k, I am sorry; Gjallarhorn would never do you like that :wink:

thats painful!

Yep, it sucked. Still got the bounty to do. I called it quits and played Diablo 3 for a bit after that haha.

This has happened to me once before during a Nightfall Strike, although that resulted in some weird auto revive glitch -

I remember that one, still scratching my head over it o.O