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I joined primarily to join the Minecraft sever. So my name is Ken, Im a gamer out of Southern California, and outside of Minecraft, I play Dungeons and Dragons, and some LARPing. I am also a full time dad.


LARPing is not a common thing here in Alabama. People likely think that’s something you do with the cows.


I believe thats tipping. I also have friends in the LARP organization I belong too that claim residence in Alabama, so if youre ever interested in White Wolf based LARP games, hit me up and I can send you that direction


Welcome aboard :wink:


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Welcome to strats!


Welcome aboard


Hi Ken welcome to Strats!


Sweet! Where in So Cal?

Wife and I were in the OC for a bit and moved with work to Riverside.

Had a director that I worked a while with that did a ton of Ren Fairs in OC while we worked together.


Northern California checking in :vocino:


Welcome! Glad to see more miners :dickbutt:


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Im out in San Bernardino; I use to work the Ren Faire in Devore


Cool nice to meet another DnD guy. Welcome to Strats.


Nice, I think we had / have a couple members out that way in addition to my wife working in that area.


Welcome! I’ve always wanted to give LARP a try but closest active group is about 7-8 hours away.


Where are you out of? The MES has chapters nationwide


Middle of Upper Peninsula of Michigan. About 8 hours from any big city.


MES? Hey Ghosthog, I’m Just outside of Grand Rapids!


oooh… Camarilla. Yeah, I gave up on the WW stuff when they got litigious.


Nice! You live in beer heaven :smile: