For all the past and current military

Also all the red-blooded Americans. It’s despicable, what these asshats do, but I love watching them go down in flames :wink:


Yeah I saw that yesterday, that shit pissed me the fuck off, I called some dude out when I went back home a few months ago. It’s insane that people think that’s ok.

The dude’s lucky it wasn’t me; I’d have followed him around until I got a license plate, an ID, or we ran into someone I could report it to. That shit is 10 kinds of not cool and I would have seen him punished for it. Only then would I have uploaded the video for sweet internet points :wink:

Edit: bonus link to a channel run by a former SEAL who hunts down and exposes phonies. Fair warning: he curses like a sailor :wink:

Lol I don’t do videos cuz I provoke shit until the fucker swings, then the cops got him on 2 charges :slight_smile:

Holy shit, people fight for our country so we can have everything we have. People who try to impersonate military members should have a special place in hell. I’m not military, but I know many people that have been. The only reason these people put on these uniforms is so they can feel special and be respected for once in their pitiful life. These uniforms bring that respect because people know what they have to go through to earn them.

These guys are d-bags. I don’t dig on the stolen Valor, at all. These folks will never understand that those of us that served are more then a uniform and shiny badges. We fight to defend the nation and the rights of its citizens…we defend the flag and defend the rights of that citizen when they choose to burn it.


I got into it over the flag-burning in a discussion at college the other day; it blew the mind of someone that I’d not speak with anyone who was so brazen as to burn the flag. Want to make a point? Fine, let’s have a discussion. Burning a flag is just trying to get attention and rile people up rather than addressing the issue you have with whomever or whatever you have it with. I’d probably throat-punch the burner for good measure :wink:



The best part of this video was the wife going “OK, honey, stop” That is totally me and my wife. She hates when I say something to assholes. She doesn’t even return food when she gets the wrong order in a restaurant.

I think every Vet reacts the same way when we run into a wannabe like this. We play dumb for a couple minutes, let the SOB dig the hole, and then we destroy them.


Haha its fun to mess with them before destroying their self worth… I’m pretty merciless when it comes to this shit

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Is this the same guy?

Na this one looks fatter, and no hair, face looks different… also… face needs to meet my fucking fist asap

@Vocino Man, that guy makes my blood boil.

On a side note, after I stopped wanting to find this guy and make a fool of myself for going to his level, I recalled a nice quote from my favorite book.

“It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.”

  • Machiavelli, The Prince

Anyone who knows veterans or who they themselves are a veteran know what this quote means. Rank meant nothing if you didn’t have respect, which is earned not given.

F those guys in the videos!

Oh I can’t freaking stand it… on 2 degrees… That chunky punk is about as military as the stay puft marshmallow man. My dad was an Airman, My father in law was an Airman, my wife was a nco. The biggest choice she ever made was to marry me or enlist. That guy just looks like the biggest choice he ever made was cheese or no cheese. I’ve got friends that have seen 2 tours in afghanistan, and i’ve got friends that i remember driving home worried i wouldn’t be able to get ahold of when that tsunami dumped on japan. and those guys would sure as hell not be out in their gear bouncing around like grimmace.

is this guy scamming black friday deals… NOBODY UNDERCUTS ME… I WILL BURY A DOUCHE WITH COUPONS. Maybe the hair i’ve pulled out will grow back…

ahhhhhh gawd i just wanna dig a hole bury and shoot in the head the guy in the 2nd video… in that order!