For anyone curious about what the military was like


Here’s a glimpse into the kind of food we get during training in the field or while deployed; this particular sampling is the British Royal Marines’ version.


This reminds me of the food I got while I was deployed (Bagram). Man the Air Force knew how to spoil us, crab legs and steak every friday! :smiley:


Huh. The 90’s were a horror show compared to that.


For a minute, I thought this was somewhat serious, until I saw him pull that big ass bread stick out of the box.


we always made a point to hit steak and seafood nights on the air base on Okinawa. It was tough getting on being a Marine, but we eventually got it sorted.


Man, Okinawa Marines can never stay out of trouble. When I was stationed at Camp Zama (US Army, mainland), all personnel stationed on Okinawa were on lockdown because the Marines had goofed up bad. We TDY’d down there and got to circumvent said lockdown thanks to our papers (had we turned up to the gate without them, however, we’d have been hauled off by the MP’s; thankfully, nobody lost them). Recently, they messed up bad enough that even the mainland got put on restriction :wink:

Honestly, the current generation of MRE’s are better than the 90’s slop, but not by much.


Good thing they cut the video before the candle fell over and the tablecloth caught on fire…


I thought the same thing :wink:


Just walked in the door from 3 weeks in the field. I am well aware of what the military is like.


When I was on Okinawa there were very few fuck ups and the ones that did happen were pretty minor. If you wanted decent food you had to go to the Air Force base though, Camp Schwab didn’t have shit, except for the local who set up a yakisoba stand outside the main gates.

Even the old MRE’s were better than the field rats they would serve. I’m pretty sure most of that was leftover stock from WW2.


Yeah if it was post 1995 it was two seabees and a marine that caused that. That was the final straw in Okinawa being a fun duty station.


I was attached to G1 1st MAW, and worked shift work. The Chow at foster was decent, but not fantastic, but we could order from the O club up on butler. And Popeyes outside the west gate of foster was the bomb for soba.


pretty funny. I thought it was serious until I saw the plate coming out lol. I very much doubt that grunt rations have changed since I was in 17 years ago


Thsee last few weeks they served us “hot A’s” which were literally giant MREs.


that looks pretty tasty from where I’m sitting


Gawd, welcome to Okinawa. Here’s your libo card, you’ll never use it though.