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Any interesting read focused on self reflection if you’re struggling to grow. Something I’ll definitely keep in mind.


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I have found that most content creators on YouTube have a struggle point. I see guides on how to build a bigger following, but most of those guides tell you to make content with the latest trends, which is ridiculous. The best advice I can give to any content creator is do what you enjoy doing on YouTube. Rather than changing the subject matter of your videos, work on making your videos easier to watch (better quality, mix in entertainment, quality SOUND!)

If you look at successful YouTubers (not the ones who got lucky with a viral video) you will see that the effort that goes into their videos is directly reflected by their following.


Yeah I would agree with that, in general. The bar is continuously raised in terms of independent content creation. I also see that there are fewer truly independent creators who gain traction. More and more we see that many creators who rise to the top due so by design and support from larger more “traditional” production studios.

There is absolutely still room for new faces but it is getting harder, just as it did with television, movies, print, and other forms of media. It’s really fun to see this world scale and mature right before our eyes.


It really depends on your niche. For example my YouTube channel jumped in subscribers because I was one of 3 people doing YouTube videos on the mobile game called “Mobile Strike”. Now I have enough of a following that I am expanding into other things.

If you don’t consistently put yourself out there, you wont grow. The biggest key factor is to always be looking for ways to improve the quality of your videos.


I would love to be able to become a content creator. But, maybe to a fault, I’ve always been pretty-self aware. So I definitely know that the problem is me. I’m not particularly charismatic or entertaining. My streams would just consist of a game capture and nothing else, I have a hard time coming up with commentary while I’m playing and streaming. This is the part of being introverted that I don’t like.

Also the lack of creativity. sometimes I’ll just sit there for a couple of hours thinking of stuff to do but always come up enpty handed.


Zharick do you keep a journal by chance? You should never say negative things about yourself like that. Let me ask you this, have you ever been in a conversation with friends or schoolmates, you say something and they laugh? That is entertainment.

I have a couple of recommendations for you if you would hear them.


There is a niche group that just likes basic gameplay w/o commentary. I can’t say its as big as the channels that have guys talking like its a stand up show.

The commentary is the hardest part for sure and can definitely make you feel awkward, but remember even the biggest names out there started in the same spot. Trying never hurts, so just give it a shot :smile:


Not really being negative on myself. We all have different personalities and fit different molds. My personality is just not fit for this kind of interactions. There are many positive things about my personality, and in certain situations it has drawbacks. nothing wrong with that.

It takes me a while of knowing someone to have that kind of interaction. Otherwise I just kind of sit back and let everyone else talk while I try to see everyone’s personality.

Again, being introverted is not a bad thing at all. I would love for us to get away from the “Extroverts are right and introverts need to become extroverts” attitude that I see in many places. (not saying you have it)


epyon415 is definitely correct here. Could not agree with him more.

Fully understood, I would never recommend anyone to change their personality, that is almost impossible. All I am saying is you can still provide the same level of entertainment in a commentary video by utilizing pop up messages during the video. For example someone playing an FPS game that cant aim at all. Have a collage of that person missing shots with pop up messages that are humorous.