For fans of the old Impression City builders (Ceasar, Pharaoh, Zeus)


At the last steam sale a game showed up in my queue i hadn’t noticed before:

Lethis - Path of Progress

It was on sale (50% if i remember correctly) and i played all the good old Impression City builders countless hours so i bought it.

Up to now i played the tutorial and the first 9 (of 26) campaign missions logging 25 hours.

I really like it a lot and have good fun playing it so i thought, there are maybe some fellow strategists who like old school city building and missed this game too.

Here are a couple screenshots from my current city:

Working class homes :smile:

Copper mines and utensils factories

Did i mention it’s a steam punk setting :wink:

Take a look at the reviews and maybe wait for the next sale while i think 18,99€ is not to much.
Be aware that the game will not run on intel integrated graphics you need a pc or laptop with a dedicated gfx card. I haven’t encounterd any bugs so far.

If you have any questions i’ll try to answer them in this thread. :slight_smile:


That looks neat, I did miss it - I will have to check it out and maybe add to wishlist xD


This game looks beautifully retro!