For Honor - New IP. Looks great


Just saw this game was announced today. It looks like it could be a blast.


Nice to see net-new stuff going up. This looks really fun!


This game looks really fun. Like a better chivalry.


it’s funny how a big Studio like Ubisoft can release gameplay footage this good that has that “Pre-Alpha Footage” tag on it.


That’s part of the trick, sadly; look for the quality to slightly-degrade on the console releases as they attempt to thwart framegate (cough Watch Dogs cough) :wink:


This looks awesome! And agree @Wayward
I’m thinking Ubi’s being a little more reserved on releases since last year’s issues. Hence the delay in Division as well.


I can’t wait to see what this game has to offer!


@NevoSamara!? He’s back!