For Honor PC Gaming


Any for honor regulars on PC playing around 9-10pm till midnight-1am est? I got 1 or 2 friends i play with now, looking for some folks to fill in with us, or if no ones around to game with. Let me know. I’m Darknes_Angel on ubisoft.
Currently running a prestige 3 zerker with 105 GS.


I’m not on every night, but I do play a bit of For Honor (Rank 2 Nobushi and Rank 1 Shugoki); I’ll add you on uPlay :wink:


sounds good! Just send me a message if i’m on when you feel the urge. I been meaning to dable with Nobushi. Definetly an interesting class. I do have a 1 prestige warlord and peacekeaper i tinker with too. Play peacekeaper once every few nights to keep me in the game with em, but warlord, going to have to go back and learn it again lol.


Nobushi games for me either feel amazing or awful, it seems. Especially when bouncing between it and Sugoki, it can be really hard to maintain the distance you want to maximize effectiveness, especially against assassins.


@SwampFox2019 is always playing it. Hit him up on the discord.