For Honor Post-Beta Thoughts and Favorite Character(s)



With the beta behind us, I’m curious what everyone thought of the game and what character they enjoyed the most. Personally, I thought it was enjoyable, but I’m unsure about the $60 price point given there will for sure be several DLC’s. As someone who almost-never plays single-player games, For Honor needed to win me over based purely on its multiplayer. Given that at launch there will only be 6 maps (well, more than that when you consider the smaller scrimmage maps, but only 6 point control ones), I was a bit disheartened and worry I’d tire of them quickly. The fact that future maps and game modes will be freely available to all players with DLC’s containing what appears to be mostly cosmetic swag and new heroes, there’s a decent chance it’ll win me over in the long run (assuming the population holds).

At $40, I wouldn’t think twice about it, and there’s a good chance I’ll grab it up if/when it goes on sale (especially if there’s a good outpouring from Ubisoft of new maps and game modes), but I think this is going in my “maybe one day” bucket.

My favorite hero by far was The Nobushi. The first video game I ever played that allowed me to use a naginata was Bushido Blade 2, and I fucking loved it. Naturally, seeing a character in For Honor that wielded one made me quite happy. I loved the Hidden Stance dodging into unpredictable attacks, the ridiculous bleed mechanics, and the reach I had (plus, I mean, it’s glorious Nippon steel, folded over 1000 times) :wink:

###So, what did you think of it, and who did you enjoy playing the most?


My favorite character was the flail/shield guy for the Knights (forgot his class name).

However, the game overall was a failure for me. I spent hours trying to connect to and start a 4v4 game. I played one I think, shortly after the beta test began, and then never played another one.

To me, that’s just unacceptable for a game launching in 2 weeks.

All the big streamers were playing it this weekend, it spent most of it’s time in the top 5 on Twitch (usually 2nd place). But I wonder how long that will last. Seems like The Division was in that same position when it launched.

Maybe I’ll check it out in 3-6 months.


That dude (The Conqueror) and The Berserker were by far my least favorite to fight against as The Nobushi. The former had an impressive counterattack game that was hard to deal with if he broke my rhythm, and the latter had some awkwardly-timed, uninterruptible attacks that just punished me if I mistimed something.

First 4v4 I tried to join was unbelievably-bad; I had 5 resyncs as players were coming in and out one after the other and didn’t even make it out of the starting room before crashing to the menu, but other than that everything worked just fine for me. I know this was something of a stress test, but I hope that’s not telling of the state of their infrastructure on release.


I experienced this for a few hours on Thursday afternoon. Maybe it’s because the game is peer-to-peer? I could play 2v2 matches but 4v4 is what I wanted to play.

I really liked the concept of the game. And I feel it’s much easier to play with gamepad than mouse. I’ll watch a few streams at release. However, by Friday, I had already realized I would rather be playing BF1 than For Honor.


I didn’t play this beta but I did play the last one, I only played a couple of pvp because matchmaking sucked, thought it was just the time of day. Playing against the computer was surprisingly inconsistent (in a good way), never felt like I could cheeze the AI so that’s good. Overall though, I’m not gonna buy it unless I see a good amount of content, I didn’t get burned by SW Battlefront and I don’t plan on getting burned on this one.

Holy hell, I was unaware. Good luck Ubisoft, hope that works out for ya


The PvP is far better than Ye Ol The Division so that was a positive for me; however, the learning curve is more than im willing to put in, especially since i have gamer ADD. This feels on par with Rainbow 6 Siege with swords. I think it’ll succeed well, but for the games I’m most looking forward to, this just wont make the cut.


to be honest, this round of the beta has turned me from “almost automatic purchase at release” to “i really don’t think i’ll be buying this game any time soon”.

i played in the last beta and had such a blast. there were more classes/characters available in the round of the beta (4 per faction). but it definitely seemed more balanced. this time around, i felt like everyone and their mother was playing Orochi since he’s so damn OP. games seemed really lopsided all the time, usually with me on the losing side. now granted, i was playing solo this round and didn’t really have much time to put towards it with all the baby preparations going on around here. last beta, i had a group of 3-4 friends at all times i was playing, so it was much easier to strat it up in a 4v4, especially with voice chat. but there was definitely something missing this time for me.

that all being said, my favorite character class, like @teh_ninjaneer, is the Conqueror - both in this beta and the last.


I wasn’t sure if it was peer-to-peer but [Reddit] ( says so and they don’t approve.


Straw poll never lies.


I’m not sure how I feel about the title. I gave it a few hours during this beta run & found myself underwhelmed. The problem, is that I can’t really express why.

Maybe it has to do with my lack of understanding on what I was supposed to do to actually win - I captured points, I killed everything in sight, I tried not to die, and even with a number higher than the opposition, we’d still find a way to lose in the end.

I did enjoy the 1v1 duels somewhat, though I think it had more to do with me constantly pushing people off the edge for a quick kill.