For Honor, technical test



Anyone else on here in the 5 day test starting tomorrow? Or interested since I have 3 invites?

If you are let me know and we can hopefully group up
And if you want an invite, let me know…you do have to sign an NDA for this phase.


I would love an invite if you’ve still got one


I would love to try it out.


@Wayward @Dynamible
will do, you are forced to friend me on uPlay to get them though lol.
Username: ghost-hog

can you believe it, someone beat me to ghosthog…only other time I’ve run into that is pokemon go :confused:


I’m not even sure what this game is about. I shall now investigate.

Edit - Got sidetracked. Investigating now.

@ghosthog I’ll give this a try please. I’m not scared of Uplay.


Sounds good. Will check Uplay for ya. And it’s not something I ever used much except when I had a PS3 so it took me a bit. Kind of a pain.


I can’t find the key you sent me.


if anyones still got a key i’m tottaly down


It don’t think it will send a key. It should be available in your UPlay launcher.


Sorry, Got busy and missed this. add me on uplay, that’s the only way to share them.
I have 1 left

And fyi, definitely plays better with a controller.