For the history nuts out there


I know we’ve got a few, caught this on reddit and thought some of you might be interested:

Essentially, in remembrance of WW1 which happened 100 years ago, they’re going to send out a weekly digest of what was going down in real time, for the next several years, as I understand it.


This is awesome.


nice find Auth.


Was it @macguyver that’s one of our W* history nuts? I know we have a few, figured they’d appreciate it.


Wow this is a really interesting idea! I am totally signing up.


yeah Auth, it’s me that is a history nut. I had sighed up, but they never sent a thing.

I think I signed up on the 24th-ish, so I might have just missed out because they were doing a lead up, instead of being amazing and doing things on the important days. (like the 28th)

I was pretty excited about this. So thanks for the posting.

edit. Ok, looks like I had done something wrong. I re-signed up and got a response immediately. Says I’ll get the back log as well. SWEET!


Awesome find indeed love anything ww1 ww2