Fortnite Epic usernames



The EA release of Fortnite is nearly upon us so it’s time to start getting people onto your friends list.

Post your system and username below.


Biggles7268 - @Biggles7268
AuthAeros - @Auth
Philspaz - @Philspaz
NVS_1 - @NVS_1
teh_ninjaneer - @teh_ninjaneer
Droul - @Droul
Ghosthog - @ghosthog
senNish - @senNish
PreshusKitty - @PreshusKitty
fowltief - @fowltief
lyteforce - @lyteforce
bonuspoints - @Xaelyn
Diacuss - @Diacuss


NVS_1 - @NVS_1
Biggles7268 - @Biggles7268
lyteforce_cdn - @lyteforce


Remember you can play on multiple platforms by linking your accounts with Epic.

##OP is a wiki, edit to include your info :wink: -Auth


Fairly certain unless anything changed past week, the whole playing on multiple platforms only applies to PS4 <-> PC. To clarify, that’s not cross play, but cross-system progress, and own it on either platform to play on either. XB1 is on it’s own atm.

PS4 - NVS_1
PC - NVS_1


PC - skidoLLaZ


@skidoLLaZ that’s coming up as not found when I try and add you.


I am so dumb…for some reason I thought this was a Destiny 2 post :sweat_smile:. I had opened up like 3 posts at once.

I do not play Fortnite :blush:.


PC - fowltief


Ps4- scotterdale04. I play battle y


PC- MehHat


PC - EvilCleric07