Fortnite Sherpa Straturday, hosted by Auth



Fortnite Straturday?!

For those who haven’t looked at Discord in the last 2 months, I’ve been playing a bit of Fortnite. I’m sticking with “a bit.” Shut up, nobody asked you :wink: I thought it’d be a nice change of pace from the constant push forward to have a relaxing afternoon this weekend and help out folks who are stuck on quests or just want to ask questions about the game and get advice on builds, load-outs, etc. I’ll be on Discord and available from ~1:00 pm EDT until ~6:00 pm EDT on Saturday, September 23rd. The event is (hopefully) going to be streamed on the main Strats Twitch channel, so even if you can’t participate, feel free to come out and tell me to git gud. We’re going to stick with PVE this weekend (just FYI), and the event is happening whether or not the stream does.

If you’re interested in being a Sherpa (someone helping folks out) or a Climber (someone getting helped out), please reply below and indicate your preference; you don’t have to reply here to get help or be helped, it’ll just help me have a rough idea of how many folks to expect. See y’all Straturday :wink:


This is awesome.


I would possibly be interested in this. I started Fornite, but never got out of the starting zone and have largely played solo. Lately my play was more ESO, and now with Destiny 2 released, it’s been exclusively that.

Having a “Sherpa” of sorts may just get me back into fortnite.


I will hopefully get into this as well. I’m around level 20 so could probably do either depending on who we have on.


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