Forum Maintenance Later Today (Tuesday, 10:00AM PST)


Hello everyone, in about 2 hours or so, I’m going to take the forum down to fix some things. Just a heads up.

It will last approximately 1 hour, hopefully much shorter.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Mumble will remain up as it’s on a completely different server.



NOOOOO, What will I do at work now :wink:


Heh, I’ll be as fast as possible!


Working on fixing the posting permissions issues.

  • Upgraded docker (backend)
  • Upgraded a few packages on the Ubuntu server
  • Tweaked swap space.
  • Drank a mocha latte at Coffee Bar
  • Upgraded the redis database

More to come, will edit this post.


OK, I’ve concluded maintenance for now. I believe I have fixed the category permissions issues.