Forza Horizon 3

Anyone picking up Forza Horizon 3 tomorrow? It is actually a lot of fun and I’m not a huge fan of racing games. You can play the demo on Xbox One right now and I believe the PC demo will be out soon. Anyhow… you can add me on XBL: Huntersknoll091 and you can school my in racing :sunglasses:

Also maybe even start a Strats Club

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I’m not sure if I am going to get this game just yet (due to not having enough time), but I for sure will be buying it. FH2 was an awesome game and it is by far my favorite racing game.

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I think I’m going to get it tonight. I’ve been wanting a good racing game to play recently…

PCars is to simmy… I like racing both race cars and junker streat cars…
GRID: Autosport just isn’t really my style… Car ownership and tuning is as big a part of the game for me as the racing is, and in GRID you just drive a team provided car.


Played some last night, had a blast. So many things to do and unlock.

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I know it was overwhelming! I had no idea which car I wanted to buy. So many cars… so little time

Not quite what I was looking for, but it still seems like it’s going to be fun.

I feel like thats your response for everything :laughing:

Generally I prefer racing on tracks… But I’m finding this surprisingly fun.

Just threw a V12 and rally shocks on my big ass Range Rover… That thing is a blast to drive around.


I’ve been ripping through the off tracks with my Warthog and trying to get some barn finds… only landed 2 so far.


I had my eye on this game for a while but I dunno now. I might wait to get it until my christmas break and get it used. Mainly because Mafia 3 is coming out and if the reviews are good im going to buy fo sho.



LOL. Just came home with FH3. Thanks Best buy for the gift card you sent me for idk why.

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Good guy Best Buy.
They just want you to buy physical games.

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Selling my physical for the digital. lol i messed up. I’ll lose $10. lesson learned