Found a Dog Last Night


Last night I was driving home with my roommate and I saw a pup sitting on the corner of a busy intersection. It’s been really cold these past few days so I decided to see if I could grab her. She bolted a few times but I eventually just sat on the ground and didn’t look at her and eventually she slid along her belly right into my lap. I scooped her up and put her in the car and took her home. I’m really glad I did because it’s now snowing super hard here!

She’s likely going into heat because she’s been making my two males fiesty, even though they are neutered. She ended up playing well with them though, but doesn’t understand fetch or anything. She was so so dirty with little rough spots on her paws so I gave her a bath. She never tried to hop out of the tub and seemed to like being semi-clean. She flinches every time you move to fast towards her. I fear she may be a victim of abuse, so I am scared to take her to the shelter in case she is ruled unadoptable. I will be paying for all of the things necessary to get her spayed, up to date on shops, and waive her adoption fee if possible.

This is a long shot but if someone wants her, please take her. She’s a good girl and I’m willing to travel, within reason. Right now I have no one who could take her, and it breaks my heart. I am sure she will have to be held for a 48 claiming fee, but wherever she came from I don’t want her to go back. It took me a solid two hours just to get her tail to start wagging.

After some food and water and soft pets, she really began to shine. I will be incredibly sad to part with her, but she’s a good girl.

(She ended up spending the night with my good friend so my dogs would leave her alone.)


Awww so cute, I’d take her if I was closer.


I wish… Kenz I so fucking wish I could have a dog she looks adorable, also you’re amazeballs for doing that <3


Kenz i would take her in a heart beat if my place allowed dogs…it breaks my heart to think she would have to go to a shelter…and i totally agree with @DrizztDo_Urden69…you are amazing!!! :smile:


Thanks guys! She’s such a sweet girl I’m nervous about taking her to the shelter. Might just let them know I have her and keep her til someone claims her or adopts her.



A friend of mine fell in love with her and is adopting her. He will hold her for a five day claiming period and if no one goes forward the shelter says she’s legally a stray and he can keep her. :slight_smile:


Freaking awesome that’s great to hear Kenz!!


Yeah I’m gonna cry when she goes though.


Such a pretty pup, makes me want a puppy now.


I wanted to keep her so bad but she is in a wonderful home now. I miss her so badly.


aww what a pretty girl D: yay super kenz to the rescue! <3


Kenz, you’re my hero. In fact, if I ever grow up, I want to be like you. I also want a puppy. Just haven’t found one that will work for the wife and me.


Oh my God she is so cute. Any idea how old she is?


@lyteforce haha thanks! Tons of dogs need homes have you ever thought of fostering?

@dynamible her molars had only recently erupted so I’d say 6-7 months plus she had not gone into heat yet.


Not sure I could handle fostering. I’d want to keep them all! But I know there are quite a few out there that need a home & I’d love to bring one in. Our issue is that many we’ve found through rescue societies in the like have requirements we can’t meet. For instance, our condo will only allow medium to small, while our community has breed specific legislation that limits certain breeds. Add in our cat, and my nephews that come over and we often run into issues finding one that fits the parameters.



Pup, now named Allie, is doing fantastic in her new home. She has a brother named Copper and traded the past few days of snow and ice outside for a warm spot at the foot of her new owner’s bed! She is beginning obedience classes this week and hopefully getting spayed. No one has come forward, so tomorrow she will legally be a stray.

I am so happy that this lovely girl has found such a good home! I’m glad she never had to sit in the scary, loud, smelly shelter and that she was adopted out so quickly. I had four possible owners in the span of 24 hours, but I decided to send her home with someone who was experienced with dogs and training since she has a lot of ground to cover before she will be back on the schedule of a normal pup in terms of weight and development. I know in this home she will learn to sleep without worry and, hopefully, she will learn to play and be a happy puppy!


Best thread ever :cry:


A quick update on pup:

Allie is doing amazing. She is finally house broken and at a good weight. I can’t believe how well she’s transitioned. Her skittishness is almost gone and she does shy away as much. She’s finally walking on a leash and enjoying life as a puppy with tons of life and love.


OMG in the first photo I was like “wtf happened to her eye!!!”. lol whew. The pup looks great. Great success story!


Haha @ducksauce88 . Same thing happened to me.