Fountain Pen Enthusiasts


Thanks to @Dynamible for forcing me to buy another cool fountain pen. Just placed this order.


I got one for Christmas, and I thought “this is awesome!”, then I remembered that my writing looks like garbage AND I’m left handed, so it would get all over my hand if I tried to use it.


They actually have quick dying ink, do it doesn’t get on your hand. My best friend got me into fountain pens and he is a lefty.

I’ll have to post my collection.


Do it!





I really like that charcoal Lamy.


I have the same charcoal lamy in silver. I love it. It’s also a great starter fountain pen.


I had a fountain pen for a while in high school. Let someone borrow it to write something quick and they pushed so hard that it bent the two sides to the tip open. Was never the same afterwards.


Are Fountain Pens all that and a bag of chips? I’ve never actually used one.


That is a really common thing to happen. That’s why I carry two pens at work. It might make me weird, but I have to have something for the heathens :wink:.

They are really nice and smooth to write with. I don’t loss my things and I value having quality things that I use all the time. If you are a person who losses pens all the time you will change. Having a nice to pen really makes you take care not to leave it somewhere. I had a Pilot Metropolitan for an entire year and never lost it. That is when I decided to get a couple more. You can get them cheap too. My all silver pen was $6.00.


I do like my pens, and try to ensure they don’t leave my person. I’ve been using Uniball Signo pens for a while, but while decent they don’t carry the same… weight I’d prefer.


The TWSBI ECO @dynamible forced me to buy is my favorite out of the three right now.


funny this thread came up. Just recently I wanted to take the initiative at improving my handwriting, and in the process i got to learn a bit about different pens and what they offer.

Lately ive been looking for a fountain pen and hope to join all of you soon.

I’ve mainly been looking on Massdrop btw, since they offer some neat prices. Right now they have a Lamy on there for like $25 which I may consider.


Check out this website. Best customer service ever. They write you a hand written note in each order, along with a lolly pop, bookmark, sticker, and business card.

For a pen, I would recommend a Pilot Metropolitan, a Jinhao X750, or the best a TWSBI ECO. The ECO goes in and out of stock, because it crazy popular. I would recommend for a first time pen top go with a fine or extra fine nib. That makes the line really thin.


the ECO does have a nice design, but sold out like you had said. My next choice would be that Pilot.

this site is pretty neat btw.


I started off with a Pilot Metropolitan. I really liked it. The ECO is my favorite. I love seeing the colored ink inside of it, super nice looking. People will ask you if you vape though. lol



My handwriting is terrible, but I love watching fountain pen calligraphy: