Free 7 Day Passes for Wildstar Thread!



Those of us who preordered the game will get three seven day passes and in this thread we will be giving them out! Its not mandatory to offer your passes to strats co members but i will and i am sure many of our preorder members will as well!
This will enable those who can not afford the game at launch to play with us and give them time to afford it!

The passes will be given out as in a raffle format randomly! But i think we will have enough for everyone! If you are giving your passes post here and say how many of the three you will be giving out!

Pledge for passes: (aka i will give my passes to strats co buddies!)

Majordomo x3
Sennish x1
Auth x1
shortround x 3
Droul x2
Vocino x3

Wildstar 7 Day Free Passes Trading (NA)

Great idea!


I’ve got at least 1 pass I can contribute, not sure beyond that as I have a few friends that are considering taking some time after the game launches to make their final decision. If I end up with more y’all’ll be the first to find out.


I’m still in the fence about this, I really liked the beta but I don’t know if I can justify the $60+$15/mo for it. Especially since I got a sour taste in my mouth from ESO, paid for imperial edition and an extra month of gameplay and I now have completely abandoned it. It’s $100 that I don’t feel I got my money’s worth for. I’ll think hard about this one.


Great idea. I most likely won’t have a use for mine so now they have a home!


8 keys so far!


Ill take one if there is still one around. Thanks for the love.


I’d like one if you still have one. Might as well try it out.


Keys are given with early access so you got to wait till then but we will def have keys for ya


Greetings, I did a search for WIldstar 7 day passes which brought me to this site. I enjoyed the open beta very much and would like a chance to pay for the monthly sub by earning enough in-game gold to buy the C.R.E.D to do so. Unfortunately, due to my pathetic financial situation I am not able to buy a retail copy of the game (as much as I would like to do in support of this beautiful game). I would be very grateful to anyone who could possibly donate a 7 day pass which they have no other plans for. Thanks in advance, and gghf to all in Wildstar! :smile:


I’d love to get in on this action @Majordomo


Just a heads up, I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to buy the retail game in order to purchase time via C.R.E.D.D. Even if you manage to earn enough money in a 7-day period to purchase it from someone, I doubt they’ll allow you to keep playing without actually purchasing the game.


That’s how EVE Online’s system works as well. I imagine that you will need a subscription and the CREDD system will just push out the renewal another month.


The Key giveaway is for pre-existing members of Strats Co. but if we have a spare key i ll make sure you get one! But i dont think we can spare anymore as i am sure more of our members will want to try it out.


If there is is still a key available I would like a go. After speaking to some members last night, I’m far more curious about the game than I was.


Add your names and i ll give keys out on a first come first served base as soon as the game is out. Members get prio


ok, nevermind. After a bottle of wine, members had little trouble in talking me into a purchase.


I will not be needing that 7 day pass after all. I just pre-ordered. Thanks to all who helped “sell” it to me. :beers:


Me too,
Just want to say, I wish ESO had done more for me.


Will the 7 day passes be playable Sat, or only from Tuesday?