Free ammo in Destiny



It appears that once you hit zero ammo, the game starts to feel bad for you. After about 30-40 seconds, if you have no ammo in both your primary and secondary weapon, you magically start getting more.


I wish real life was like that


Never noticed this, but I don’t think I’ve hit a point where I was completely empty.

Closest I got was when @Auth and I were battling those level 12 Knights way down in the moon. Good times, lol.


Not sure how I feel about this, but my initial reaction leans toward negative.


I’m on the fence about it as well. Suppose it’s something easy enough to try. Entirely possible that @Vocino walked over some ammo pickups and didn’t realize it.

Side note as well - Did you purchase ammo packs from the vendor? I’ve never done it, but I wonder if those get automatically used when you’re out of ammo.


This is blasphemy!

No, I read the same thing somewhere earlier today. He speaks the truth!


Haha, wasn’t trying to call him out or anything.

I trust you guys!


You know I was kidding. :smile:


Haha maybe…


Here’s a video:


Thanks for the link. I don’t think this would bother me to much, suppose it’ll come in handy with strikes / raids or some bosses.


It tells me that Destiny is a casual game, which I think we already knew. A big part of classic PC MMO raiding is planning and setup. That’s just not really that important with Destiny but I feel like that’s probably a good thing since it’s console-based, at least for now.

I like being able to pick up a controller and just go kick ass on a planet somewhere. I don’t need to think about it. That’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

EDIT: However, I think it goes without saying: Don’t waste any credits on ammo.


I’d like to test out the free ammo thing with a Raid and Strike.

I get the feeling that Destiny is a casual game, but the endgame content is for the more hardcore.