Free Games with Twitch Prime - June 2017


Continuing the discussion from Free Games with Twitch Prime:

For those that hadn’t yet heard, the free games with Twitch Prime are available today (one day early)! This month you’ll score the following titles:

  • Tumblestone
  • Treadnauts
  • Strafe
  • The Banner Saga
  • The Banner Saga 2

While I’m not one to complain about anything free, can anyone speak to the quality of these titles? Can’t say I’ve played any of them.


When I first saw that Badder Saga logo I thought it was Albion Online. Did a double take.


The Banner Saga games are fun strategic RPGs; Treadnauts looked fun from the videos I’ve seen of it, and I’d be down to play it with strats members if the online multiplayer works via Twitch’s client or what not.

Strafe is an odd beast - it purports to be a wicked-fast shooter that came out during the LET’S SHOVE PROCEDURAL LEVELS AND PERMADEATH INTO EVERYTHING phase the gaming industry had last year, using purposely broad-polygon, simplistc-texture graphics to evoke Quake 2/Unreal/etc.

In practice it’s a competent corridor-blaster with slightly underwhelming weapons, enemies that are fun to shoot but a bit braindead, and the occasional habit of turning in on itself thanks to the aforementioned randomized levels. They released a “Millennium Edition” which went a long way towards correcting some of the game’s flaws, but it still feels like a pile of ideas stacked awkwardly on top of each other.

Tumblestone is garbage. The UI is garbage, the music’s garbage - I mean, the underlying game might have been okay, but it felt incredibly unsatisfying to play thanks to the ridiculously bad presentation. It looks and plays like a flash game.