Free Server Transfers



We all knew it was inevitable. Just thought I’d leave this here. At first glance, I think we should stay put. Are we considering anything?


Carbine said this was in the pipe, nice that they resolved their issues with it so quickly.

No, we have not had a serious conversation about moving yet, but we will. My instict is to stay on the server. Randoms with no ties will leave the server and create room so we wont have to. If the end result is no, or at the very least a manageable queue, then it makes no difference.


i agree with you completely!


Is this something that will be discussed on forums or on mumble? I’d like to stay with you guys but that Stormtalon queue has meant I haven’t been able to play there since Saturday :-/.


There will/should always be a post on the forum before any major decision. Also, it appears that the queue on Stormtalon is gone or much much quicker now than during pre-release so you might want to look into it.

The current thinking is to stay on Stormtalon.


Oh ok. Hopefully things are better tonight then. Used all my “free time” waiting in queue last night.


I hear you @SkyTeck. I didn’t play much at all last weekend because of the queues. I’m more of a drop-in drop-out gamer so queues basically kill my gameplay.

The reports are that it’s much better now and getting better all the time with people moving.


Same here. I’m optimistic the queues will go down.

edit: logged to check it out, 6 minute queue.


i’m still in queue, one hour queue out of the 3 hours that I have to play a day. If I have to spend 1/3 of my playing time in a queue I will have to either cancel or move to a different server. It seems like the free transfers didn’t fix anything so far as I started 1200 deep, same number I was at when I came in last night at around the same time. So I didn’t even see a marginal improvement.

Might be too early to tell, but so far out of the 6 hours I’ve had free to play I’ve only played 4 thanks to queues.I think I will have made a personal decision by Sunday depending on the impact of the free server transfers.


How the hell did it go from 6 minutes an hour ago to 1 hour 30 minutes ago, that’s crazy, I guess everyone logs in at 9PM EST


I think it’s important we remember that nearly every game has queues in launch week. I’m currently showing a 1hr queue and ~1300 ahead of me. For what it’s worth, I’m all for staying put. I mean, our server’s named after a dragon-thing!


Also, in other news before I had the red line saying that dirty guest accounts take longer in queue, and now it’s gone. So I’m guessing I was getting the shaft and am no longer flagged as guest.


I don’t have it either


I had that red line as well. I just thought it was just a general warning. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember it showing up last night.