Free Twitch Overlays/Info Panels/Stream Contents



After I stream games I usually stream myself making twitch overlays and all those contents for people and it’s a big hit so far and hope to grow even bigger. I love photoshop and hoping to improve which is why I created this post. Give me requests for what sort of twitch content you want or even package and I will do it for FREE. All I ask you guys to do afterwards is to give me feedback and support so I can improve my skills on photoshop and as a streamer. :smiley:

Some of my work are shown below: Inspired by strats

And my ideas:

My Mini Twitch Overlay:

Logo Assistance!

Cool, that’s the old strats logo though! :smile:


Can you give me the image of the new one? :smiley:





Great info panels, @Nirutt! Me likey.

Just checked out your Twitch profile, too. The red really stands out against the black + white.

Nice, clean design. Great job!


Thank you @simplyundrea yours too!


Hey man, I’m down for some free overlays/ logos! A cool skidoLLaZ logo incorporating a $ would be sweet. (it’s ski dollars). Also a nice overlay for my camera that i usually use on the side of my screen would be nice, i usually just have a border around it. Let me know if you need me to explain anything haha.


Hey man I shall message you after i stream today!


Right I’m done, what I need from you is colour/ theme, dollar i can do. What is your video camera resolution that you stream in?


1280x720 for camera. Theme can be like nerdy gangster :smile: if that makes any sense. Somehow incorporate “$” but still fun and not a rap video 20 gold chains deal. I just re read that sounds crazy haha, let me know what else u need.

color could be:


doing yours on stream in about 10 min hahaha


I will try my best haha


Okay it’s done, Hope you like it! Link to download below.



haha thats great stuff! Thanks man! Keep up the good work.


Thanks for letting me do some photoshop xD


Workin on the stream now :slight_smile: Any way to get the face pic with a transparent background?


Yeah, assets made for OBS should generally always be alpha layer PNGs.


It should be in PNGs, if you put your face underneath the PNG image layer then it should show up. I tested it so fingers crossed :smile:


Hey @Nirutt, do you still have this file? If you have time could you take off the two $$ from the camera rectangle? I notice it takes up too much space when streaming :smile:.