Fresh Reviews Hearthstone's Witchwood Expansion



So it is official that every card in the upcoming expansion has been revealed and for those interested you can check all of those either on the Wiki or this list with filters.

So I feel that as someone excited for this expansion when it drops on the 12th that I should give my thoughts on how these new cards will effect the meta and what you should expect playing against on the ladder. So let get this review started and look at what class is getting.

So going into this expansion Druid is losing one if strongest decks in the form of Jade Druid as well as card that help Aggro Druid buff up their minions. So, if you ask me what will be the main druid archetype to take over, I would say that it will be armor druid with the recruit mechanic from the Kolbolds & Catacombs Expansion.

So, what will this expansion be adding? Honestly not much first off it’s 2 legendary minions will not see play Duskfallen Aviana is a meme card and Splintergraft is far to slow and is a win more card. Also strangly there will be a hand size mechanic for Druid where certain cards will have effect when you have larger hands. To control this there are card such as Witchwood Apple that will add card to your hand so you can activate cards like Wispering Woods and Bewitched Guardian. But I feel out of these card the only one that will see play is Ferocious Howl as I feel it a good activator for Lesser Jasper Spellstone which druid use for removal and help delay so they can get their recruit pulls ready. Outside there are 3 cards outside of this mechanic with the only of note in my opinion being Gloom Stag that might see play if odd Druid does become a deck type.

Overall I will say that Druid won’t be see as much play this expansion probably do to its notable presence in the meta for the last 3-4 expansions. I will say that it may see play if it can keep up with Dark Pact Warlock the best control deck at the moment but it may not be able to stay competitive in this meta.

Now going into this expansion Hunter has to version of mid range Hunter both of which aren’t really losing anything to the rotation. Now these two types are minion base and spell/secret hunter.

Looking at the card they’re getting Blizzard may be looking to buff other forms of Hunter. First off control hunter with cards such as Dire Frenzy, Wing Blast, Carrion Drake, and Houndmaster Shaw. The best of these being Wing Blast which is amazing removal that with effective trading can be reduced to a 1 mana spell. Carrion Drake could prove to be a strong threat requiring the enemy to trade a lot of minions, and Shaw will allow you to better control the board, as you buff minions with Dire Frenzy. This may see expirementation and I’m sure Wing Blast will make the cut into other forms of Hunter I don’t see control performing better than Midrange. The only other cards that might see experimentation are Toxmonger and Duskhaven Hunter as a giving poisonous for effective trading is good and possible 5/2 body is pretty strong.

Overall, Midrange Hunter will probably be the superior hunter deck but don’t be surprise if for the first month to see various other forms be tested and see some success.

Going to cut to the chase Exodia Mage is dead in standard at least. But going in two types of Mage will be vying in the meta Elemental Mage with Deathknight and Big spell mage.

The big card this time is Book of Specters This is serious card draw, and could form into a form of Mage where you run maybe 7-8 spells including this card and play minions probably from the elemental tribe incuding the new elemental Bonfire Elemental and going into the DeathKinght giving these mnions life steal as you out value your opponent. Another variation will be those that will stick with Arcane Intellect and keep their spells and use big spells and secret to burst you down.

Overall, Mage may have lost exodia but it now has to option to go with as they figure it next identity Elemental of Spells.

Murloc Paladin and Recruit Paladin are two big decks going in and with the rotation weakening Murlocs, Recruit is the way to go. But will these card help out not really.

Paladin got cards that may help in the future but as of now there aren’t much to help you. Rebuke a cool tech card. Bellringer Sentry may return secret Paladin, Paragon of Light may see light play as Paladin has enough buff to secure the taunt but it may not make the cut. On the subject of buff don’t playSound the Bells! at each echo it is outclassed by the other buffs in the class. One neat card is the Glass Knight as a 4/3 with a recharging divine shield when you have healing is pretty strong.

Overall, Recruit Paladin will still be the focus of the Paladin Meta but you may see some new card get tested out here but not to much deviation as of now from that deck.

Going in Priest is the second best deck with its Raza Priest, Spiteful Priest, and Dragon Priest it had some of the best decks. But with the rotation Raza is removed and Dragon is weaken so Spiteful Priest will be the favorite version going in. But there may be a new deck to challenge it.

So here the big determining fact if a new version of priest will be seen, will Lady in White be to slow? Lady of White has a huge effect and several other cards in priest and neutral will benefit if Lady in White goes into effect. But the question is will it be too slow as if you can’t recover the game after playing Lady in White then there no point in running this archetype and it will see no play. Other than 3 cards of note Glitter Moth might see play if Odd Priest is a thing, Chameleos might see experimentation but unsure if it will be good, and Coffin Crasher might bring quest priest back into experimentation.

Overall, Spiteful Priest will still see play, but how Lady of White plays out will see if another strong priest deck will appear.

Rouge coming into this expansion has a rather powerful deck in the forms of Kingsbane Rouge. Where you buff up one weapon and use card draw to filter minions out of your deck making it easier to draw the Kingsbane.

So I’m going to just come out and say it Rouge got a bunch of crap in my opinion. It got a stupid steal cards from another class and I could explain how they would then do a discount of those cards and do damage and maybe play a few for the win but here the thing it is just too unreliable to form a meta deck and with so many of these card focus on this there no point to explain them to only just say you can do that but it’s unreliable and you should just play Kingsbane rouge. So if you ask me there is only one card that should matter to rouge players Cutthorat Buccaneer as it gives you a plus to weapon damage for your Kingsbane.

Overall, Kingsbane Rouge is annoying but it the best Rouge deck out there and these card don’t add much so don’t expect to see too much of them.

Shaman going in was the second worst if not the worst class going into the expansion but man is it getting some serious cards.

One word Shudderwock, Man does this card look insane with the strong Battlecry’s from the elemental set and the new Hero Card Hagatha the Witch the potential is there. As you play these battlecry cards specifically the Elementals that have built in synergy you can control the board setting up for a big turnaround with Shudderwock. I will say not sure how I feel about the spell generation off Hagatha but generally some of the spells will help especially Earthen Might to power up your elementals.

Overall, I say prepare for Kalimos, Prepare for Hagatha, and PREPARE FOR SHUDDERWOCK!

Going in, Warlock is King. With Dark Pact Warlock and Dark Pact will remain strong but will be getting new tools that will fight for a spot for this deck as there about 45 card vying for 30 spots.

Cards of note: Duskbat, Lord Godfrey, Deathweb Spider, Curse of Weakness and Ratcatcher. Duskbat can give you more bodies as your hero power can easily activate the cards text, Lord Godfey has amazing removal, Deathweb Spider is a strong body to keep your health filled up, Curse of Weakness makes your trades better, and Ratcatcher can take damage minions and add it to his strengh.

Overall these cards will not change warlock deck of choice from dark pact but offer alternatives to be included in the deck and which one will make it will take much experimentation to figure out.

Warrior coming is had nothing to lose it had almost not play in the meta and as a OG Warrior player that made me sad.

But, with this expansion I’m happy to say there a chance for Warrior to finally make its return to the meta in the form of tempo or control rush warrior. As its main form of synergy is with rush cards such as Town Crier, Woodcutter’s Ax, Militia Commander, and Darius Crowley. Where you use Town Crier to pull a rush on turn 1, turn 2 play woodcutter ax to remove minions and either turn 4 or 5 play Commander or Crowley and use your last charge of Ax to buff them. This allowing you to control the board and work as you snuff opponent out. This may also see resurgence of cards such as Rampage and Frothing Berserker as you buff your rush minions and attacking minions to buff beserker. Other than the big 4 your might see Rabid Worgen and Redband Wasp may be experimented as additional rush minions to be use in the rush deck but they might not make the cut. Festeroot Hulk for the same reason as Berserker and Warpath to for removal or to activate enrage minions.

Overall, Warrior looks to be in a much better place and I want to believe will see play in the coming meta and this is definitely a deck I want to try out.

Neutral Cards
There a lot of Neutrals card so I will talk about the few that could shape the meta

  • Baku the Mooneater and Genn Gerymane
    These two card will decide whether decks will only contain odd or even cards as player choose how much they value the boost to their hero power these cards will give. so, don’t be surprise as player try to make use of these cards.

  • Countess Ashmore
    Imagine pulling 3 cards of one card that is insane, and will allow to be able to get certain minions much easier and it could lead to some decks that work around this pull to play its big play minions.

  • Voodoo Doll and Mossy Horror
    One offer serious single removal and one offers good big removal and our neutral so decks that lack a good form of one of these may find themselves playing the better neutral version.

  • Swift Messenger and Gilnean Royal Guard
    Do they have rush for Rush Warrior? YEP. do they work well with Lady in White? YEP, Will they see play? YEPPPPPP!

  • Muck Hunter & Witchwood Grizzly
    Muck Hunter has an easy to control downside as well as the advantage above, while Grizzly has amazing health making it a great card for Lady in White and can be pull out by recruit mechanic making in a tough taunt to get through and great card.

So that is my review thanks for reading and hopefully it give you an idea of what is coming to hearthstone if you disagree with any of my opinions or have a card you think is OP let me know in the comment would be glad to discuss the new cards.


Somewhat disappointing there. My other deck was focus was going to be Warrior but I’m thinking I might switch to Priest.

Absolutely amazing write up btw dude, thank you!


I wouldn’t say lose hope yet, I may be wrong and it will really depend on how well tempo recruit paladin can get and how often that can get Tarim in time for the power play. But on the other hand priest might be head to a good place definitely wait before committing to Lady in White deck but spiteful is another good option. All I can say is do you.


In terms of commitment to time and money, I think 2 classes is probably my maximum.


@Freshie44 do you have any good links to an updated paladin or priest deck? I have quite a lot of dust after opening all those pre-order packs.


For Priest
I got Spiteful Summoner Priest
For Paladin there a lot of deck vying for top spot here are the one that look stable
Dude Paladin
But again we’re just into the expansion so cards are still being tested, but for Paladin you can’t go wrong with Tarim


Guess I need to wait until a lot of these get updated as I have no idea what I’m doing :smiley:


Upcoming nerfs… Do you think warlock will be playable? Just crafted control


Warlock seems pretty strong still @PykeLol. I’m probably most interested in Warlock after Paladin.


Warlock does take a hit but I doubt it will take it any lower than a Tier 2 deck, its place will really come down to how fast the best aggro decks can take it down before turn 7. My guess, Hunter moves up in viability but warlock will still be good.


I think control warlock will change. No point to play 6+1 mana combo to draw 9 mana card. Probably zoo will raise again?
And with heal nerf Cube / Controll will become even more vulnerable to baku hunt / tempo mage


I’m not a knowledgeable enough hearthstone player to comment :blush:


There will probably be fining tuning of control warlock as there like 40 cards fighting for a spot in that deck but I don’t think Warlock will go to zoo. At worst they drop the combo and Doomguard and you will see cards like Homunculus, Reaver, Sac Pact, and Deathweb Spider subbed in. Maybe a zoo deck or quest deck see play but I don’t believe it will be as successful as a lot of current warlock cards are weighted toward control and looking at the Witchwood neutral cards they don’t exactly scream zoo meta.


I think control warlocks will remove lackeys + pacts and add Despicable Dreadlords. I saw few ppl using dreadlords already
Cube warlock will probably stay as it is, but drop to tier 2.