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I’m currently a college student. Right now I’m planning to major in Computer Science and Minor in Electronic Media and Broadcasting. I’ve basically still a rather new Streamer and YouTuber as both my channel are a little under a year old but I really enjoy the hobby and loving all the new friends I’ve made here and on stream.

My favortite kinda games are Hack n Slash/Beat-em ups like No More Heroes, Madworld, and Castle Crashers. I also enjoy old-school RPG like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

Current Game I’m Playing

League of Legends
I have a Backloggery profile that list what other games I’m playing at the time, Freshie44

Twitch Life

My Twitch life can be a bit hectic but when I do stream its mainly around 9-11 PM EST Starting and last for about 2-3 hours and planning to start streaming console games when I buy my capture card.

Social Media

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