Friday Night Battlefront PS4 Pub Stomp!



Hi everyone! I thought it would be cool to get a group of people together tonight to go pub stomping in the PS4 beta. I saw you can have a total of 8 players party up, so if we get more than that we could just split up. I live on the east coast so anytime from 6pm - 10pm start time is cool with me. This is a bit last minute so let me know what time you can party up and maybe we can decide on a time.


I wasn’t certain if you could have a party, but I assumed it would work. I guess you have a max 8-man party with everyone buddying up. I do like how the buddy system works in this game.

I’ll try to be available for play tonight. I’m Central time.


I’ll try and be on this evening.


I may be able to play a little bit before my raid in Destiny.


Me and @AlexFalkor were in a party and it was easy to link up, it did say 2/8 so i think it would be easy to do.


what time is your raid?

what time are you available?

8pm est good for you?


I knew I should have shipped my PS4 to Florida. :frowning:


9PM Eastern. I can get on at 8pm EST unless I go with my family to a local festival. Status is unsure on that though.


roger that


I’m down! I’m raiding with @ohnokenzilla at 9am, so same time for me, around 8am ET.


I’m west coast so I should be able to get on. Ps4 I’d is the same as here.


Sent you a friend request @Biggles7268. Seems like we might have a solid group tonight, should we start an hour earlier at 7pm est? Maybe people can just join as they become available.


Yeah that’s probably the way to go, create a party that people can drop into when they get on.


Guys, ill be on in 5 min, was running late. Whos on?


Ok the party chat is open! Join up when you want!